backThe Dark Eagles First Flight Reviews Continued

A tale of adventure, freedom, and love. No, this is not a love story in the romantic sense; but a story of love for one's country, home, family, and friends. Author David R. Smith does a wonderful job weaving words, accented with picturesque book illustrations (I'm a sucker for books with maps), to transport you into the world of Fundautum and onto Hople's Island - a land of rugged mountain terrain, sweeping rivers, and quaint, lantern-lit towns with carriages & horses. Well-paced, suspenseful, and littered with action, this story is definitely filled with what makes the male species tick (adventure, a battle to fight, the pursuit of dreams), but also infused with inklings of magic and love interests that can keep a girl entertained. Irene

I LOVED this book! I don't often reread books, but I think this one will be on that list of books I do read again in the future. This has such a fun story with lively characters. I loved the open- the intrigue with the map and then the eagle taking it away. And the story just kept going from there. Exciting from beginning to end. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! Kellie

Fantastic book! I read The Dark Eagles First Flight along with my 11 year old daughter who enjoyed it so much she read it twice. It is a great adventure story with dynamic dialogue between characters. The story carries you throughout and it is very difficult to put down. After I finished reading the book, my 8 year old son wanted to read it so we read it as a family. This is my son and daughter's favorite book! Christopher

Kief is a strong young male character that exhibits strength, courage and standing up for what he believes in. I couldn't help but think what a good example this character is for young people today. The other supporting characters, all of Kief's friends, that happen to be males and females, compliment him, and help in this quest. They are great characters, flawed in their own ways, but all very relatable to teens. They had good friendly relationships, so the dialogue was often fun as they teased each other amidst the great challenge they were facing. I'm so excited to let my kids, 10 and 14 read this book. You will be holding your breath as the youth undergo a grand scheme to battle the enemy. This book will be a great read for tweens and teens that like books about adventure, friendship and going after your dreams. Mr. Smith has written a book that will keep you on the edge and leave you wanting more. S. Staley