David R. Smith does it again and pulls you into the rich and fantastically real world of Fundautum. Smith's masterful use of words magically bring life to the seas, lands, and cultures beyond what was explored in the first book, First Flight. The beautiful illustrations in the book just adds to the intrigue of their world. The characters are extremely believable and their interactions another strong point of Smith's storytelling abilities. I don't recommend reading Wells in Desolation without reading First Flight beforehand; I'd go as far as to recommend actually rereading First Flight right before you start Wells in Desolation because it really does just pick up where the first book leaves off (no plot recaps, no character reminders, etc.). With that being said, I literally finished the book exclaiming "Noooooo!" both at shock at how book #2 was concluded and in mild frustration that I have to wait for book #3 to find out what happens to this ragtag bunch of unlikely heroes. What a great adventure to witness and a such an enjoyable read! Irene

Kief and his friends travel through grand adventures including encounters with pirates, gladiator-style imprisonment and the perils of completing a cross-continent quest. "Wells in Desolation" has good momentum, and author David R. Smith keeps the action coming. Younger teenagers and older gradeschoolers will likely be highly entertained by the book, which is free of profanity. The Deseret News, Miranda H. Lotz

This book was a phenomenal read! For all those who wish for a gripping adventure tale that is impossible to put down until the very last word, Wells in Desolation is for you. Each meticulously-designed character brings the thrilling plot to life through daring ventures over land and sea. I was especially impressed by David Smith's great understanding of human interactions, strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend this book to all those adventure-lovers who treasure freedom, loyalty and friendship and want to find a world where characters value these above all else. Ginger